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The game of the goddess of online games

As soon as the shadow's voice fell, someone's pet's voice sounded in his heart, "Daughter-in-law, you finally came back, I want to die." With a bang, something sank into the arms of the plain girl. Xiao Bai, are you all right? Why did you run in alone? What should you do when you are in danger? "I can't help it. It's better than being held by those two women.". Daughter-in-law, the shadow is so hateful. I went to fight and wanted those two horrible women to hug me. It's a good thing you slipped away quickly, or I'd never see you again. Su Nu black line, looked up at the two women, and sure enough, they were looking at Xiaobai with shining eyes. Shadow is not a girl, of course, do not know how strong our small white to the little girl's lethality, later mention to him, he will understand. How about going back to the city later and having a big meal? Xiaobai rubbed the face of the vegetarian girl and said happily, "Well, a big meal. I want to eat roast suckling pig and fruit wine. There are many delicious food for friends.". Forgive the shadow this time, ha ha, daughter-in-law, you are so kind. --! Fruit wine, flower protection,smart interactive whiteboard, I'm sorry to make you spend money again. By the way, Shadow, are you here to help me do the task? No, I've finished it. After listening to Su Nu's words, everyone's curiosity was aroused. She seemed to have just come. Could it be that her pet took it for her when she went? Su Nu smiled and said all the things that had happened since she entered the realm of death, especially when it came to the panther. She also said to the shadow with special emphasis: "When we go out later, you can compare with it. It's better to compare its wishes." The shadow nodded. Everybody sighs, did not expect this matter to be like this by the clear lake to come to a crooked hit,temperature screening kiosk, was really too unexpected. Oh, we wanted to give Xiaohu a surprise, but you gave us a surprise. Xiaohu's character is really good, so it's OK. The escort said with admiration. If it were you, the panther would see it as if he didn't see it. Stealing all over the world is very disdainful to open his mouth. Why Dazhuang was puzzled. I have no appetite. The escort rolled his eyes to the sky and decided to ignore someone's words, because if he cared too much, he would be angry with himself in the end. The discovery of the hole in the little lake was a great blessing to us. The crowd looked at the escort in puzzlement. The escort looked at the world triumphantly and explained: "Because the development of the game will definitely have tasks about the dark camp and the light camp, we know a secret entrance more than others, and that secret entrance leads directly to the dark temple hall, when the time comes, we will certainly be able to take advantage.". Maybe someone else will beat us to death outside, and in the end it will be cheaper for us, won't it? Everyone nodded in unison. That's right. I can't see that your head is not full of paste, so I decided to change my opinion of you a little. Stealing all over the world, he looked at the escort and said generously. Protect a flower black line, interactive whiteboard prices ,Interactive digital signage, convulsive ask: "Should I say with you then thank?" "You're welcome. I'm always generous." Chapter 47 of the main text. "Shall we continue or not?" The big beast asked in puzzlement. Everyone looked at Su Nu. Go on, why don't you go on? Maybe you can meet something interesting. It's so easy for you to fight monsters just now. It should be no problem to go deeper. Is there any objection? It is estimated that these two fighting maniacs have long wanted to go in. Ha-ha, that's great, girl. I'm afraid you're going back. You're playing hard. Stop talking and go. Dazhuang finished and rushed in without kissing the beast. With a helpless shrug, the crowd followed with laughter. As soon as they entered the inner hall, they were confronted with a lot of magic. Su Nu and others took a step back and came out. The hall was full of warriors just now. This time, there are a lot of mages. It's a bit troublesome. Where are Dazhuang and the big beast? The escort suddenly found that two people were missing. Those two should still be in there. They don't care if you're a wizard or not. Maybe they're fighting now. They looked at each other and stepped in again. Sure enough, the fight was still very fierce, and Dazhuang even used it crazily. After carefully scanning the human nature monsters in the temple, Su Nu said to the shadow and the flower protector, "The Dharma Masters in the middle are not easy to handle. Dazhuang and the big beast will suffer losses. Shadow, you two help, and leave the rest to them to solve.". ” The two men nodded, the shadow suddenly disappeared, and the flower protector took out his precious arrow. Stealing all over the world came to Su Nu's eyes and asked expectantly, "Where am I? Where am I?" "Well, I'm sorry, I'm not very clear about the general situation of your skills, especially Jinse, so I can't assign them.". Why don't you go up and hit a few monsters on the edge? The two men thought it was reasonable and acted on the two most peripheral monsters. Although she is a thief, her stealth skills are a little different from other thieves, as if she is more inclined to assassin's stealth. Attack power is OK, but it shouldn't be so little. Sure enough, the monster running towards her fell into a big hole that suddenly appeared, and there were still flames, ice, lightning and so on coming out of the hole, but the lethality was a little weak, and it would take more than half an hour to destroy the monster with a strong ability value. It seems that her ability value still needs to be strengthened, and she must only play at ordinary times, and she didn't practice well. Jinse is a slave master. The biggest difference between Jinse and the summoner is that the slave master can keep seven monsters in captivity, while the summoner has only five at most. There are a lot of monsters, and when they fight, seven of them go together, which is the material for a group fight. However, why Jinse's strange are muscle type, six different attributes of the strange look especially violent, it seems that she has a very serious muscle fetish, really did not expect Jinse so soft and weak girls will have this special hobby. Saying that the big beast is not muscular, why she will not like the big beast, is there a difference in muscle? Look again, found, these strange are smooth, and big strong the same, big beast is orc, body hair too much. Should you remind her that Dazhuang is a good young man? If you don't have true feelings for him, don't be ambiguous. What if Dazhuang misunderstands. Looked at a certain rough nerve man who was playing HIGH, the plain woman gave up,temperature check kiosk, forget it, fate is a magical thing, maybe they will really come together.

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